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Getting you today's fresh flowers
is our priority
Getting you today's fresh flowers
is our priority


Your flower selection must perfectly match your customers’ expectations when it comes to quality, as it is this that makes you stand out from the crowd. Not just any old Red Naomi rose will do, for example. Hans Visser Bloemen realise this, and this is why your needs are our priority. We buy and prepare the flowers you require, before shipping them to your chosen address either by lorry or in a refrigerated container. We will do this whether you are in Europe or beyond.

We work out of Aalsmeer, the heart of the international flower trade. Here, our team of enthusiastic and professional employees is ready to serve you every day. Thanks to the expertise we have built up through many years’ experience, we supply customised, high-quality flowers, always bearing in mind your specific needs and wants. The services we offer are at the forefront not just in the world of flowers, but also in terms of technology. Our customers can take their pick from our stock, which has been built up via our specially selected horticulturalists, and buy the products they need from our online shop.


Hans Visser Bloemen B.V.
Legmeerdijk 313 / Locatie 043
Postbus 1215
1430 BE Aalsmeer
KvK 34214523

Telephone: +31 (0)297 515151
Fax: +31 (0)297 515150



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